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Rev. Daryl R. Carter, Pastor

Daryl R. Carter was born February 15, 1959 in Dallas Texas. He is the fourth child to the parentage of the late Rev. Tyler Carter and Joy Carter.  He graduated from South Oak Cliff High School in 1977, and received an Associate Degree in Applied Arts and Science from Mountain View College in 1985, with a concentration in Electronics Technology.  He also attended D. Edwin Johnson Bible Institute, and transferred to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.  He is currently pursing a Masters Degree in Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Rev. Daryl Carter has had the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles for many years.  His first experience was during his tenure in the Arm Forces.  Upon his induction into the U.S. Army in 1977, he served as a Radio Communication Repairman, and assisted and supervised the Radio Repair personnel for a span of four years in West Germany.

Rev. Daryl Carter realized his quest to be a businessman at a young age and started his first business adventure; Daryl’s Auto Sales and Repair in 1986 where he was owner and operator for two years before redirecting his interests to the field of Electronic Technology.  Rev. Carter started studying the art of photography as a hobby, but little did he know at that time he would become a known photographer throughout the city of Dallas.  The one think he did know and had always been taught by his father; if he puts God first in his life, He will give him the desires of his heart.

He was employed with Crutcher Resources Corp. in Grand Prairie, Texas as an Electric Technician.  Acting as liaison between engineering and production, his responsibilities consist of a wide array of duties.  In 1989 he was hired by Abbott Laboratories in Irving, Texas as a Senior Electronic Technician, where he advanced in his technical skills in developing and design major medical equipment for various patient sample testing.  During this time, he continued his interests and studied in the arts and science of photography and became the church’s photographer.  As his interest for the art grew, he expanded his work by contracting wedding, organizational portraits, schools pictures and other related activities throughout the city of Dallas.  With his faith in God and encouragement from his father, he opened Daryl Photography Studio in 1995.  His photography business was growing by leaps and bounds and he was able to hire and manage a full-time office assistant, a full-time photographer, and four part-time camera workers.

Rev. Daryl Carter was ordained as a deacon of Carver Heights Baptist Church in 1996.  He became actively involved in Teaching Sunday Church School, conducting devotional services, visiting sick members, assisting with Bible Studies and Seminars.  To ease the load of the pastor, he was given the responsibility to lead the members of the church in the remolding and upkeep of the physical plant.

Rev. Daryl Carter was excited about what God was doing in his life and wanted to share his blessing with others, and did so by dedicating many hours of his time to the youth department of the church.

He organized the Big Brother’s Program to guide and help young men who had no father figure.  He made sure they were exposed to a quality of life by taking them on trips, holding Bible Study classes, bringing professionals in for seminars, and would spend several of his own dollars to make sure they had what they needed.  Also, these young men spent many weekends in the home of Pastor and Sis. Carter.  In 1994, he organized The Ambassadors for Christ where he served and spent many hours developing the Christian lives of the young men in the church by setting standards and challenges for them to obtain and maintain throughout their lives.

In January 1997, Rev. Daryl Carter answered the call to the ministry for preaching God’s word, and delivered his first sermon on the third Sunday in March of 1997. He was appointed Assistant to the Pastor in 1999, and served in that capacity until June 2002 when he was elected Co-Pastor.  Due to the failing health of the late Pastor Tyler Carter, Rev. Daryl Carter stepped up to the plate to assume the administrative duties under the auspice of his father, and he has maintained that position until this present time.  On May 23, 2004, Rev. Daryl Carter was installed as Pastor of Carver Heights Baptist Church after the passing of his father, the later Rev. Tyler Carter.

Our Objective

The church body will fulfill the mandate of Jesus Christ which is to go unto all the world with the Good News.  To minister to the total needs of people which is spiritual, mental, and emotional. To create an environment of “Total Involvement.”  All of us should make a personal commitment to read the Bible daily in order to understand the full story of “God’s Plan.”

Our Mission

We will prepare God’s people to go out in the community to evangelize to people in darkness.  We will be equipped to say and do what God has for us to fulfill His commandments for service.  We will come together for a life changing experience to Love God, Love Each Other, and Love the People of the Community.

Our Mission

Our Goal

Our goal is to glorify and magnify God.  We glorify God when we worship Him, praise Him, and proclaim His word, live His word, and spread His word.  Every Christian is to be a minster in the sense that he/she will be involved in ministering to others outside of the church’s walls.  Jesus said that by our love for one another everyone will know that we are His disciples.

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